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Monday, September 24, 2007

Firefox Update Error

So, on one of my computers, I've had problems updating Firefox. When going to Help > Check for Updates, I'd get the error: "".

Well, after some research, I found that the app.update.url setting in the Firefox configuration was wrong, or at least pointing to something invalid. My original update url was:

If you're having that problem too, then try this:

  1. Open a new tab
  2. In the address bar, type about:config and hit enter
  3. In the Filter, type app.update.url
  4. Double-click this property
  5. In the dialog that pops up, enter the following path (which is almost identical):

    Note: when you copy and paste this, make sure you get all of it. Easiest way is to right-click the URL and click 'Copy Link Location'.

    Firefox screenshot showing the about:config window and appropriate options
  6. Click Ok
  7. Try Help > Check for Updates
Voila! Now you should be able to receive automatic updates for Firefox.



conair said...

Hi Dave! Thx the solution. I can't find the filter in the firefox. Could you help me? 1. open new tab: OK 2. In the Filter, type app.update.url: Where? Please help me. I have got a laptop and a normal machine bot of them crashed the firefox. I am not want reinstall the xp.

Dave said...

Ah nuts. Looks like I missed a step: 1.5: type about:config in the address bar. I'll fix it right now!

Anonymous said...

Dave -

Many thanks! Your fix worked perfectly, first try.



Anonymous said...

i m facing similar problem and i tried ur solution, but firefox is still not working.

i crawled the net, but couldn't find anything. plz help. it's driving me nuts.

Anonymous said...

Hurray - worked perfectly
Thank you

Eliana said...

Thanks ALOT!

it worked PERFECTLY!!

Anonymous said...

Great ! Following Your instruction I get rid of this problem in less than a minute . You can Write a manual on " How to give easy and clear Instruction " Sincere Compliments and Thanks . Enzo

Dave said...

I'm glad you got it working and that you found the information helpful!

Ron said...

Thanks solved what other sites are still talking about

Dave said...

Spread the word!

Anonymous said...

Worked for me too. Not sure why it was still broken after downloading the latest version manually, but it was. Maybe we can get this upstream??? Anyway, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for very clear and precise tip! It works like a charm on FF 3.0.4)