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Monday, May 21, 2007

How to Disable Turbocache

So, I recently bought a Geforce 7300GS PCI-e 256MB video card with Turbocache. I was surprised to see that it didn't really outperform my old 128 MB Geforce 5200FX. Seemed like it was hiccuping under load. After some research, I learned that it might be Turbocache. Unfortunately, there was no apparent way to turn it off... until now :)

I know this (usually) works on Windows XP, but I haven't heard of it working in Vista. Since I don't have (and refuse to own) Vista, I may never figure it out. But, if anyone does, please comment; I'll include it and you'll be famous!

Update 11/01/2007: Thanks to an anonymous commenter, it appears that Vista now controls shared memory for the GPU instead of the video driver ( Not sure I agree with that (in architecture concept, not the comment), but it'd be okay if they at least gave you an option in your Display control panel :\ So, looks like it's time for someone with Vista to go hunting through the registry. Obviously that someone is not me because I'll never own Vista. So, the opportunity to be famous is still out there!

Here's what you need:

  • A video card with Turbocache (duh). It pays to get a card with more onboard memory, like 256MB
  • The latest nVidia drivers. You might already have these. I use Forceware 93.81, but I think the latest stable will work too.

    Update 09/1/2007: It seems that the latest and greatest don't do the job. Try these instead.

    Update 09/11/2007: These nVidia drviers (162.18) will work. Just make sure you have the latest Rivatuner (2.0.6 at the time of this writing). I've had better results with these drivers than 93.81.

    Update 05/17/2008: I just upgraded my drivers to nVidia's new version of driver (175.16). My turbocache is still disabled, and I actually noticed an improvement in performance with the new drivers. I didn't upgrade Rivatuner, although version 2.09 is out as of April 30, 2008.

  • Rivatuner
Now, down to business...

Verify The driver

First, check and/or update your video driver. You've probably already done this, but if you need some help to make sure that you have the right one, do the following:
  1. Right-click your desktop and click Properties.
  2. Go to the Settings tab.
  3. Click the advanced button.
  4. Go to the Adapter tab (note the Memory Size under Adapter Information).
  5. Click on Properties button.
  6. Go to the Driver tab.
  7. Verify the Driver Date and Driver Version to make sure it's the one you need.
  8. Close the dialogs.
  9. If your Forceware version isn't at least 93.81, then download and install the correct nVidia Driver (link above).
Install Rivatuner

Download it from here if you haven't already. No fancy installation options necessary; just install it.

Hey, that was easy, right? Now comes the important part...

Disable Turbocache
  1. Open Rivatuner
  2. Go to the Power Users tab
  3. Click on the Open Matched Database button. It's one of the little ones on the bottom.

    Update 09/18/2007: Here's some additional information I found (posted on Neowin by BlackShadow) to help you if you get the error: "Riva Tuner cannot find the database for Forceware XX.XX. Do you want to open database for the closest driver version?"

    If you have driver version 94.24 or above, click 'no'.
    If you have driver version 94.24 or below, click 'yes'.

  4. Find and expand the "nVidia Forceware xx.xx w2k System" entry in the list:
    RivaTuner screen with nVidia turbocache options
  5. Find RMDisableRenderToSysMem and set the value to 1:
    Screen showing disabling RMDisableRenderToSysMem setting in the window
  6. Close Rivatuner
  7. Reboot the computer
Double-check to see that your card is "normal" and not using system memory anymore. Repeat the "Verify your driver" steps to view the properties of your video card and see if the memory listed is only what's onboard (up to step 4 under Verify The Driver).

All RivaTuner does it set a value in a specific registry key (see more in the comments below). But, I think it's nice having a GUI to wade through stuff like this.

And that should be it!

I noticed a performance gain on my system, probably because it wasn't paging to the system memory. Just one less thing the CPU had to keep track of.

If this makes matters worse for you (which I can't imagine that it would), the just go back in and delete the 1 value for the RMDisableRenderToSysMem entry in Rivatuner, and you'll be back to the way you were.

Comments on success stories, failures, and corrections/alternate steps are always welcome. And, there's no guarantee that this works (for some reason), so if it doesn't work for you, play with it until it does and then let us know what worked for you.

Just remember my standard disclaimer: you did it and it's your fault if it breaks!

Happy tweaking!


Squall said...

I tried this in windows vista for my nvidia 7600 GO video card with the lastest drivers d/led from, but doesn't seem to work for me. Are you sure thats all you've changed to disable turbo cache? thx

dopyiii said...

Yeah, that's all I did. I'll double-check when I get home. Now, I'm using XP, not Vista, so I don't know if that has something to do with it :\

Marco said...

someone known how can reduce memory turbocache of may 7300go from 512 to 256?

I hope in a response THanks

Marco said...

I'm on XP but my 7300go arrive at 512 mb in turbocache i disable turbocache with rivatuner and now i have 128mb(i cant set 256 ) the problem is with testdriver the uses of ram arrive at 2,22gb and use the swap file and the game freeze, with 128mb work fine....

I have another question i have a notebook with a 6200go turbocache
32mb dedicated 128mb in turbocache.
This notebook use Vista and vista see only 32 mb the dedicated memory dont see know if i can enable on vista the turbocache because titanquest say that it want minimun 64 mb...on xp work fine with vista no turbocache...:(

THANKS(and sorry form my english eheheh)

machanic said...

What about for Vista. Because my card is using at least 512MB of shared Memory

David said...

Is there a similar fix for Vista? I haven't been able to find one.

dopyiii said...

Sorry, but I don't know about Vista. I'd heard/read somewhere that you can do it, but I don't remember where or how :\

I got this to work for me on XP, using only the driver specified. For some reason, the newer drivers won't let you do it. The problem with Vista might just be a driver incompatibility with these tweaks.

David said...

So it is possible then. Good to know. I will keep searching. If you suddenly remember where you heard it then I would very much appreciate to find out. Thanks

night said...

Do you think this trick will work with the 7100GS in windows xp?

dopyiii said...

If anyone has any luck with a newer driver, please let us know!

adamt said...

ah.... finally. that's better. what a difference!? I searched around a while before happening upon your solution. very easy, very effective. thank you.
my card - evga nvidia geforce 7100gs 128mb/512mb shared

adamt said...

ps. worked with latest nvidia driver:
published: 29/06/2007
forceware version: 162.18
again, my card: evga nvidia geforce 7100gs 128/512mb

Dave said...

Thank you for the post about the updated driver! I'll have to try it. I saw that Rivatuner had been updated - I wonder if that's why the newer drivers are now supported.

chris said...

what adamt said, didn't work for me

I have the same video card (7100gs), and the latest drivers, and the latest rivatuner, however when I run rivatuner
few "nvidia" options are avaiable, and none of then is described as "Forceware"

RivaTuner\nVidia\Overclocking\Current Device
RivaTuner\nVidia\Fan\Current Device
RivaTuner\nVidia\Refresh Rate Fix

what sould I do?
where can I find old driver to download?

thank you

Dave said...


The drivers listed at worked for me with Rivatuner 2.0.3. Did you have an older version of Rivatuner installed? If so, try uninstalling both of them and reinstalling the new one (I had that problem when I upgraded my Rivatuner).

Also, the older drivers that worked before are here:

And, are you using Windows XP? I haven't seen this work at all on Vista yet (still waiting for a comment from someone who has Vista and got it to work).

Chris said...

I'm using the 162.18 driver. And I have Windows XP.
I also never used Rivatuner, so the version I've downloaded was 2.0.3.
I tried again with these drivers and the Rivatuner 2.0.4 version, but I'm still unable to see any "Forceware" option.
I'll download the old drivers, and retry, whatever happens I'll post here.
thanks for your help Dave

Minh Nhat said...

i use 162.18 wit my 7900 GS Go and it didn't work. I'll try wit the other driver

Nebojsa said...

fantastic man tnx alot its finaly working!!!
i use PCI-E GeForce 8500GT Gainward 256MB,GDDR3,SilentFX,C.600MHz,Mem1.2GHz

Anonymous said...

It's worth noting that Vista currently does not support turbocache.

"Windows Vista now controls the allocation of system memory to the GPU for
TurboCache functions. The Windows Vista Display Properties pages show the
shared system memory (SSM), or how much memory is allocated for NVIDIA GPUs
to use for TurboCache."

For more information about it, read:

Dave said...

That information about Vista is very insightful. Thank you! So I wonder if the shared memory allocation in Vista is stuffed in a registry key somewhere...

martin said...

Hello, i'm from argentina and i have a geforce 7100 gs video card. It's dangerous for the video card do this trick?? sorry for my english. thank

Dave said...

Martin, I don't think it's dangerous. I've had it disabled since May and I've seen any problems.

Just for fun :)
No pienso que es peligroso hacer esto. Yo lo desactive el Mayo pasado, y no he tenido ningun problem todavia. Lo siento por mi Espanol malo!

Jarrod said...

I tried this with my new 256MB PCIe 8600GT, which is reporting 512MB of video memory. I am using 169.04 drivers and rivatuner 2.06 with XP Media Center SP2.

The setting to disable was there in rivatuner, as stated in the article. I switched it to disable and rebooted, but the system still reports 512MB RAM.

Dave said...

It looks like RivaTuner 2.0.6 supports 169.04, so I don't know why it's not working. Maybe it has something to do with using MCE? Have you tried a different (older) driver?

Jarrod said...

I just tried 163.75 - same thing happened.

Bummer - I'd like to get this feature turned off if at all possible.

Anonymous said...

Jarrod, exactly the same setup and same issues here (except it's a 8500).
Apparently the only thing rivatuner does is add this registry key:

So either the new drivers don't "know" how to read this key or Rivatuner puts it incorreclty.
Either way, it would be a good idea to ask the RivaTuner guys about it.

Dave said...

Thank you very much for the extra detail! It's nice to know exactly what RivaTuner's doing. I think you're probably not far off with the comment about the newer drivers ignoring this registry setting. It's likely a carryover from Vista compatibility (since the OS handles this caching and not the driver in Vista).

I suppose this article could use a rewrite now...

Anonymous said...

Dave, I'm on XP too!
I think it has more to do with the fact drivers 163 & up don't use this registry key at all..

Anonymous said...

Please help me with this videomixing problem:

Laptop Acer with XP (standard is Vista home but that ask too much memory and power)
Videodard: Nvidia Geforce 8400M G

When I try to mix video with hardware acceleration on, the video freezes.
Without hardware acceleration no freezes but then I can´t use videoeffects.

The problem with a lot of Nvidia cards is that when you enable hardware acceleration on the video tab, the video freezes(Depending on your Nvidia card).
The problem can be solved by downloading en installing "Rivatuner" .
On my pc I got the same problem and it was solved with the Rivatuner.
On my laptop with a 8400M G geforce card, it says that it can't find the database: Cannot find database for Forceware 156.10.

Don't know how I can fix this !!!


Downloaded every XP driver, but non of them could be installed ( setup could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your hardware)

So, I still have the problem on my laptop and without hardware acceleration I can't use the video effects.

Who can make my day ???????????

Anonymous said...

hi guys!
tx for that article. Have a system running on XP with 4G of memory and gigabyte 7300GS videocard with 128M onboard memory (reported 512M video and 3.5G of system memory). After i made a trick with rivatuner and reboot it is 128M in the videoadapter properties (right), but it still show 3.5G of system memory. Since video no more using shared memory it should be 4G, but it is still show 3.5G?? have any ideas? thanks

Dave said...

Anonymous, glad to hear that the trick worked for you! Regarding your memory issue, it sounds like you're using 32-bit XP. If that's the case, then that's your problem. About 3.5 GB is all you're going to see. Here's some interesting reading:

Anonymous said...

heh, good catch!
here is a complete description from MS;en-us;888137

tx, Alex

Chris said...

Finaly worked with rivatuner 2.0.6
thaks for the help Dave
and sorry for the delay about the indformation =)

Fkngwstd! said...

same problem as one of the anonymous comments:

I have an ASUS F3J with 7300. Seemingly the only official nvidia driver compatible with it is 84.26. with this driver I had no luck with rivatuner:

RivaTuner\nVidia\Overclocking\Current Device
RivaTuner\nVidia\Fan\Current Device
RivaTuner\nVidia\Refresh Rate Fix

so I used a 86.47 which i had found in so I rebuilt the rivatuner database (rivatuner.exe /BUILD) and run it. again no sign of FORCEWARE in its list!

what should i do?

BTW the link that refers to the list of drivers that will work, does not load. maybe you should copy paste it in your post

Fkngwstd! said...

oops! just recognised that I mistakenly saw the least OK driver version as 83.81 instead of 93.81.
meh... is down for now. so I should wait till I can DL a driver from there. any alternatives for this website?

Fkngwstd! said...


Man, this actually works! I don't know how to thank you for this :)
Just out of curiosity, how did you find out about this tweak anyway?

Dave said...

I'm happy to see there's been so much success with this tweak! In response to the question of where I got it, I answer: I can't remember ;) I dug around some forums and eventually found it and made the process easier to understand. I thought I referenced the source, but I guess not. Whoever it was, good job and thank you from many of us!

Omnimous said...

OMFG thank you so much...I now don't have to go buy a new video card!

Anonymous said...

ive got an 8400gs which has 256mb onboard but 512mb turbocahce i tried the set value to 1 method and this didnt work does anyone have any ideas?


tom187 said...

hi guys i have an 8400gs with 256mb onboard ram and 512mb turbocache however i too would like to disable this option running driver forceware 163.75 and riva tuner 2.06 the set value to 1 method didnt work and my adapter information still displayed 512mb ram. how would i make this to 256mb?!??


chikky said...

i have a nvidia 7300gs(637.1) and I reduced turbocache from 512 to 256mb. The problem is that when i check nvidia 7300gs properties at resources tab, It still eat memory (ex. memory range FD000000-FDFFFFFF). i double check using msinfo32.exe and it was consistent. And my free physical memory is still 665mB no improvement. Please help what happening??

Anonymous said...

@ Nebojsa
Please tell me how you done it with 8500gt. I tried everything, and no success. What version of driver and rivatuner you use, xp sp1 or sp2, or tell anything might can help please.

Pomagaj brate.

shone said...

Anyone help me to disable turbocache on palit 8500gt sonic.I really need to disable this. Older drivers don`t work with 8500gt and with 162.18 turbocache can`t be disabled. I tried drivers from 101.02 to 169.04 and rivatuner 2.03 and 2.06 and no success. Please any help

cadotter said...

i found out also that all were showing up was NVIDIA options until you click the second from the left icon down at the bottom of RivaTUNER it will bring up the forceware options like it said it works will all drivers and all riva's hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I have BAD news for you. In Vista ALL graphic cards use shared video memory "turbocache".I am not sure for 512mb models, but 256mb models use it for sure. This is because Vista independently from driver control shared memory sh.., and all cards will use it, and best is, again you cannot control it. It sucks. Why they do this?. They think we are stupid or something... I am really pissed off.

Macbook Pro user said...

I have the problems with Virtual DJ 5.0.6 and the freezing video mixing problem (if you change the other song the video continues). Not using hardware acceleration does the trick, but I want the sonique FX and so on.

I am running a Macbook Pro with a Nvidia 8600M GT and running Windows XP and Apple Nvidia drivers 167.44.

I have tried disabling the turbocache with setting RMDisableRendertosysmem to 1 in Rivatuner (and reboot) but experiencing the same problem. Please, any bright idees?

lunchbox said...

i just did it with current versions of forceware drives and rivatuner. by default under the power users tab, rivatuner settings are loaded by default. you have to read the instructions to switch it over to the driver settings. hope this helps someone. thanks for the help!

Shone said...

I simply cannot disable turbocache. I go to rivatuner power user tab, load settings for current version driver, go to system tab and set RmDisableRenderToSysMem to 1, and nothing happen. After reboot system still show 512mb. Maybe this is because 8500gt cannot use any driver before 101.02, or card bios block this operation, i don't know. Simply i am sure i am do evrithing fine, and i never succeed to disable it. I'am giving up

Anonymous said...

mine it telling me that it cant find database for Forceware 156.83 I have a 8600M GT, what do I do, please help.....

Anonymous said...

I just use linux and don't have a problem with this kind of crap. Archlinux distro here, used to use xubuntu.

Dean said...

I tried this with Vista 32 as well on a Dell Precision 6300 and it was a no-go. Right now my graphics card is using 1279MB of "Shared System Memory". What the heck???

neil upfalow said...

hi all. I just got it to work for me. maybe this will help someone...

i used the latest nvidia drivers currently released may 8 2008. 167 something.

i have TWO sparkle 7300GS.

looking in display props area, it said they were using 500mb. now it says using 256mb. I guess that means success.

This is on win xp SP3.

in riva, i did have to click the 2nd button from left and choose yes . then all the options i didn't see before showed up.

Note, per riva (2.09) i did see a adapter listed 3 times for each of my three screens and had to apply the '1' value , go back , choose another adapter in list, do same...till done for all three.

I still am very confused as to why bios and msinfo all report i have 4GB of ram, but my task mgr only says 2.6gb total, 2gb avail, and 600mb for system cache.

I'd expect to see at least 3.5gb.

I do have the /3GB flag in my c:\boot.ini

anyone know what that is all about or how to fix so i at least have 3.5GB showing as avail in task mgr? So silly that this is so hard!!!
this is my boot ini. anythign wrong?

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn /3GB

Thanks in advance.

neil upfalow said...

just to follow up...i read up and discovered more on how windows xp and 32bit systems handle memory.

With 4GB and with turbocache disabled, the system is performing TONS better. apps no longer fail to render menus or fail to pop up from start tab, etc. all the nasty things when you are 'out of ram'.

with 32bit systems, only 4GB is addressible. This means hardware too. Generally speaking, your devices get ram allocated to them. Also, your devices with RAM (like vid cards with ram on board them) count against your RAM total! Yeah.

What i am seeing, fyi, is that task mgr says my totl ram is 2.6GB. (even though msinfo and bios see 4GB).
Available atm says 1.3GB and i have a TON of programs open. System caceh says about 1GB.

It seems the extra ram and the /3GB switch let apps use up to 2 or 2.6GB of RAM. Before, when i had only 2GB total in chips, i suppose windows allocated some to hardware , some for itself, and really left very little for apps. Now i have more apps open than ever before, and i still have TONS (1.3GB) of ram available.

My point is that while you may read lots of posts online about not getting to use all of your 4GB of RAM, don't worry so much. you will get more ram avail for your apps with 4GB than you ever did with 2GB. Don't worry so much what task mgr says, if you do, consider what i have observed.

Anonymous said...

well it works (the reg edit trick). without riva tuner (riva tuner 209 didnt work for me and my forceware 163.82 drivers). so here is how I "fixed" the reg edit that someone else listed.

open regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\
now export this whole registry branch cause if you mess up this will be the settings that worked.
now while in regedit right click once on the + sign in front of video in left hand pane. now you should see 1 or more folders under video (named like {4A0A6643-F61A-4AE7-8E88-295B740AD10B}) so left click the + sign again in front of all of them and all their folders also. look for one that has a folder named VolatileSettings as that was my nvidia folder (and it had some names I recognized like 3dmark). now go back to its (named like {740AD10B-F61A-4AE7-8E88-295B4A0A6643}) folder. now export this branch it to someplace you will remember as we need to edit it in notepad. now close regedit without changing anything.
the main thing is to delete everything with notepad except,

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


the {4A0A6643-F61A-4AE7-8E88-295B740AD10B} will be different on everyones system.
and save it as a .reg file and it should change to a green'ish squared icon. now just double clich on it to add it. :)

I could not just edit it in the registry as I could not get the hex settings right so editing it in notepad let me copy the hex setting from another key and also makes it harder to mess up the registry

Anonymous said...

Why the hell of you fucker wants to disables this lovely feature you motherfuker who disable this.

do you dare to do this with win vista. you will be fucked.

all of you basted listen this will take ram when it need not every time it take .

or you fucker can't buy some ram bloddy beggers.

Ryoga said...

Anonymous, obviously you're stupid. this "feature" causes problems with several programs, and its a stupid feature, if the damn card doesn't have enough memory then why take it from the system memory? If i wanted that I would just have stuck with the integrated video GPU of my motherboard.

Jason said...

I was ripping my hair out trying to make the system stop chewing thru the drive. Thank you for this advice it worked wonders for me. I will do this for every TC system I have to refurbish.

Thanking you


Anonymous said...

Have noticed that system craps out using Linux and GF7300 GS. Hey archLinux user, are you even aware of slowdowns caused by TurboCache, and is there a way to disable it ? Like a modprobe option for the nvidia kernel module or such... post here plz

Anonymous said...

Quote from another post at
Nope, i dont think you can disable TC, anyways, it is dynamically allocated, so it wont hinder your system performance, maybe while playing Games the 128MB system memory would be fully utilised.

In other words, you dont have disable anything, the gpu automatically does that or uses as much system memory as it wants, in your case as it already has 128MB discrete memory so it might not be used at all, except for certain memory intensive games

Antony said...


this reg entry worked for me to disable turbocache in 7100gs in xp sp3 and 182.08 driver.thanks to Anonymous 7/17/2008 1:47 AM

shows mixed performance gains after disabling.have to use it more for details

i have 2gb and turbocache was dynamic in memory allocation so xp showed 2gb always

k said...

This is very useful, thank you!
Disabling Turbocache is pretty much the only way to get decent Lightning Gun in Quakelive.

1)uninstalled current nvidia driver
2)downloaded and installed nvidia driver 162.18
3)downloaded and installed rivatuner in the given link
4)applied registry settings exactly the same way like described in this blog
5)rebooted and made sure that turbocache is disabled in nvidia control panel
6)uninstalled rivatuner and rebooted, made sure that turbocache is still disabled in nvidia control panel
7)installed latest nvidia drivers 258.49 without removing older nvidia drivers 162.18 (to keep that registry setting) and rebooted - turbocache is still disabled. great!

Aravind said...

I tried this in win7 n i changed RMDisableRenderToSysmem's value to 1...... but my shared system memory doesn't change......

Any sfyienolution????

Aravind said...

I tried this in win7 n i changed RMDisableRenderToSysmem's value to 1...... but my shared system memory doesn't change......

Any solution????

Melik Haydar ┼×ahin said...

I have Go 7300, list doesn't include "nvidia... system".. Is it possible to disable turbocache for "Go 7300" in "xp-64" or "7-64"?

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