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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Old Mail Merge Helper

Think back now... back to a time before the task pane... Back... back... Word 2003... back.... Word 2002.... back... Word 2000. Okay, we're there. Remember the old mail merge helper? That cool dialog box that came up and walked you through a seemingly easier mail merge process. Miss it? Want it back?

Here's what you do in Word 2002/2003:

  1. Open Word
  2. Click Tools > Customize > Commands tab
  3. Under Categories, click All Commands
  4. In the right side (Commands), scroll down and find MailMergeHelper
  5. Drag it out of the Customize box onto one of your toolbars
  6. Close the Customize dialog box
Now, if you click this new Mail Merge Helper button on your toolbar, you'll see an old friend.

I don't have any information on Office 2007 yet, sorry.



Deep_Si said...

Your instructions are really helpful and clear to follow.

You just helped three old people out !


Dave said...

Glad I could help!